Who we are

Our company was born in 1994 from the experience of Roberto Lapsus who put his effort and knowledge into the light-weight carpentry for air conditioning components.

The success of CLR is based on the organization, specialization, diligence and the great team synergy. From the offices up to the production lines, we give great attention to the training and to the technological innovation. An high quality product, both standard and special, is the result thanks also to the constant technical improvements aimed to the customer satisfaction. All of that is possible thanks to the high flexibility production that make unique this kind of company.

The conscious use of the most evolute machinery for metal carpentry allow to keep us constantly competitive over the standard products market, while the 3D CAD technology guarantees us a quick production at unbeatable times for every kind of customization.

Actually we have a 60 people team working into a 18.000 sq mt production site, 2000 of them used as offices, warehouse and logistic center.

After a great success over the european market, CLR has increased his commercial presence opening an office abroad in Istanbul, Turkey, to answer the foreign market requests.

What we do

Our product line cover all the air treatment and air diffusion market.

Our product range consist in standard products for acoustic insulation, air diffusion, air regulation and air filtration.

A special attention is reserved for our naval products and for hospital market, developed following the customer requirements.

We also develop special products for petrochemical industry and or suitable for installation in extreme climatic environments.

Our company can also offer the following services:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Structural Analysis (FEM)
  • Acoustic and aerodynamic emgineering
  • After-sales consultancy

Our advanced machineries allow us to supply carbon steel products up to 20mm of thickness, stainless steel up to 15mm and alluminum alloy up to 10mm. We can offer, in our company or through selected suppliers, services like coating, galvanizing, pickling and passivation with relative certifications for each one.

We guarantee the better quality for the raw materials that we use in our processes.

Where we are

From Milan…

Follow the Statal Route 36 (SS 36) directed to Lecco/Sondrio until you arive to Trivio di Fuentes, then turn right directed to Sondrio/Bormio on SS 38. After you have passed the city of Sondrio remain on the SS 38 directed to Bormio for about 12 Km, after that turn left where indicated “Zona Industriale Chiuro”.

From Bormio…

Take the SS 38 directed to Tirano/Sondrio, after you have passed the city of Tirano keep going on SS 38 for about 18 km.After that turn right where indicated “Zona Industriale Chiuro”.

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