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Acoustic baffles


The baffles are used to absorb the noise in air conditioning or ventilation ducts.


  • Acoustic baffles with steel casing;
  • Acoustic material in mineral wool 60Kg /m³ with protection against erosion by glass fibre, fire resistance M0 and non-combustible material used in A,B and C class to according directive 96/98/EC on Marine Equipment (Rina).


  • Type 1: with baffles totally in protected mineral wool, suitable to absorb the noise at medium high frequencies (250÷8k Hz);
  • Type 2: with baffles half covered with galvanised steel, suitable to absorb the noise at low frequency (125 Hz);
  • Baffles thickness 100, 200, 300 mm with possibility of aerodynamic profile;
  • Extended metal sheet protection for acoustic material;
  • Plastic and extended metal sheet protection for acoustic material, especially for hospital, pharmaceutical or microelectronic industries;
  • Other glass fibre protection available;
  • Casing in painted carbon steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel on request.