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Intake acoustic louver


The acoustic louvers are suitable for double function, inlet or exhaust air with sound attenuation.


  • Frame in galvanised steel, thickness 1,5 mm;
  • Blades in galvanised steel, thickness 1,0 mm with special profile for the acoustic material housing;
  • Acoustic material in mineral wool 60 kg/m³;
  • Extended galvanised net to support the acoustic material;
  • Blade spacing 150mm;
  • Galvanised angled flange 40×2 mm.


  • Double execution;
  • Painted steel;
  • In natural or anodized aluminium;
  • Accessories: wire mesh.


The limit of 3 m/s is due to the waterproof characteristic. The laboratory tests, have shown that up this limit the water drops go down due to gravity while for velocities between 3,2÷3,5 m/s the water drops go up and to begin to go beyond the grille. This phenomenon increases with velocity increase.