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Single duct VAV box in galvanized steel


The VAV boxes are suitable for the control and holding of the air in VAV system.


  • Casing in galvanised steel with suspension paths;
  • Suitable for clean room in according to us-standard 209 E;
  • Round inlet with ?p dynamic sensor for the measurement and control of air flow;
  • Rectangular outlet;
  • Acoustic side with mineral wool protected against erosion by glass fibre, fire resistance M0;
  • Aerofoil blades with seals;
  • Different pressure range 20 to 1500 Pa;
  • Completed with VAV motor linearized;
  • Acoustic data tested according to ISO 3741;
  • Leakage test damper according to EN 1751.


  • Water or electric reheat coil;
  • Secondary sound attenuator;
  • Double acoustic casing;
  • Equalizing net;
  • Wire plate protection for acoustic material;
  • Plastic and extended metal net protection for acoustic material especially for hospital, pharmaceutical and microelectronic industries;
  • Others protection in glass fibre available;
  • Exhaust;
  • Belimo motor LMV-D2MPVC; NMV-D2MPVC; NM24V+VRD2; Siemens motor GDB181.1E/3;
  • Other motor available;